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Stop Your Strands from Aging
Apr 21, 2024
(YouBeauty) These days, legendary 90’s supermodel Cindy Crawford laments not the inevitable loss of collagen or slowing metabolism that accompanies aging: She simply wants her old hair back. “Everyone loves to talk about plastic surgery and all that stuff, but hair is the most underestimated thing—if you have good color and shiny hair, you can see that across a room,” she recently told Allure magazine. “Now, I look at my daughter's and I'm like, 'You have my old hair! I...
Study Sees No Nutritional Edge in Organics
Apr 21, 2024
Organic apples are seen in the produce section at the Whole Foods Market in Willowbrook, Illinois. (Getty Images) Organic products have no significant nutritional advantage over conventional foods, even though consumers can pay more for them, a new study finds. The findings suggest that a key reason behind why many people buy organic products -- a $28.6 billion market last year -- may not be borne out by the science. (MORE: Health Articles) The four-year project began when two doctors...
You can fit restaurant fare into a healthy lifestyle
Apr 21, 2024
Environmental Nutrition Newsletter Perhaps it was your first date or your 20th wedding anniversary, but chances are you spent it in a restaurant--where you go to celebrate the big events of life, to relax with friends and family, or to grab a bite when everyday food preparation doesn't fit your busy lifestyle. The average American adult purchases a meal or a snack five times a week from a restaurant, and 49 cents of every food dollar is spent in a...
Seasonal Beauty Tips
Apr 21, 2024
Spring time is here and we have some great beauty tips to share with you. Quick hints for Spring-time beauty - Dead skin cells can leave your face looking dull. Use an exfoliant to bring back the glow. - Use foundation with at least SPF 25 to prevent future skin damage. - If allergies leave your skin blotchy, use a yellow base concealer to offset red skin. - For rainy days, stay away from liquid foundation. It tends to melt...
Eight emerging medical breakthroughs could have profound impact
Apr 21, 2024
Personal Finance Sometimes, modern medicine pushes past science and into the realm of science fiction. The artificial heart and hip replacements were certainly in that category, giving rise to the idea of a bionic man or woman. Other breakthroughs have less of a "wow" factor, but offer relief and comfort where once there was pain and suffering. Here are eight medical breakthroughs just over the horizon that could have a profound impact on your life. (Alas, a cure for the...
The Ultimate Holiday Antiager
Apr 21, 2024
(Getty Images) If Thanksgiving weren't synonymous with stuffing, gravy, butter, and other festively dressed saturated fats, it would be one of the healthiest holidays around. Not just because the bird itself is a great source of lean protein. Or because sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins (but not if you put that marshmallow stuff on top of them). Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being with family and friends -- two important ways to bust the stress that can age...
Beware! Baby food very low in micro-nutrients
Apr 21, 2024
IANS / Daily News London, April 16 — Micro-nutrients in readymade baby meals contain less than a fifth of the recommended daily supply of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other minerals, says a new study. The research took eight different sample jars produced by four popular brands from the shelves of leading supermarkets and analysed the micro-nutrient content, with a tool called an Inductivity Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer. The samples included four meat and four vegetable varieties, one with pasta,...
Fifteen Fat-Burning Foods and Beverages
Apr 21, 2024
Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and watch as your belly fat completely disappeared? But since we can’t count on a fairy godmother to show up anytime soon, we have to keep ourselves in check via healthy foods like these! FruitsGrapefruit: Want to ingest fewer calories during meal time? Eating half a grapefruit prior to gathering around the dinner table can help fill you up enough to where you are able to resist that second...
There’s Always Room for Dessert: Here’s Why
Apr 21, 2024
(YouBeauty) The science of why you have a second stomach reserved for sweet treats. “What a great meal—I’m stuffed! Dessert? Of course, I have room for dessert.” Sound familiar?We always seem to have room for dessert? It goes back to the days of our ancestors, explains Alfonso Abizaid, Ph.D., a professor of neuroscience at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. “We have evolved to detect and consume foods that are high in caloric content because our ancestors survived food shortages by...
Keeping Our Children Safe: Top Tips Every Kids Should Know
Apr 21, 2024
(weather.com) Maybe it’s my problem. I read too much and subscribe to way too many health tip websites. I’m always trying to find the latest news on how to live healthy but it’s so hard to keep up with the ever-changing sea of bad things that will give us cancer or worse. Nine years ago, when my oldest son was two, he was diagnosed with asthma. I was a pediatric nurse at the time so I researched everything I could...
The Hottest Cocktail: Water
Apr 21, 2024
(YouBeauty) It’s hot out there. Our plants are dying, our makeup is smearing and our clothes stick every time we venture outside. It's a problem. And how to deal with this problem? Have a drink! Hold on, there. I mean a drink of water. Those cute drinks with little paper umbrellas are not so cute on days like these. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep drinking water. Lots and lots of water. It can be hard...
Beauty Products to Avoid During Pregnancy
Apr 21, 2024
Pregnant women often hear advice on what they should and shouldn’t be putting into their bodies. However, rarely do they consider that what they’re putting on their bodies may also pose a risk. It is estimated that women use, on average, twelve different beauty and body products a day, and many of these products contain chemicals that may harm a fetus. While certainly a woman shouldn’t have to eschew her beauty routine just because she’s pregnant, there are some products...
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